Stalking Awareness Week

At the end of last month the Student Wellbeing Centre took part in National Stalking Awareness Week, which this year ran from the 16th – 20th April. During the week we spent four days out around campus, raising awareness and handing out information on stalking and how students can report this to the University. On the Thursday we were also joined by Lincolnshire Police, who were able to give students some information on how the police can support anyone who is experiencing stalking. If you would like some more information on stalking, you should visit the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website here.


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Staff Bystander Module

The staff Bystander Module, ‘Preventing and Tackling Sexual Misconduct’, is now live. We would encourage all staff at the University to complete the module, which can be accessed by going to the Organisational Development area of the HR portal, selecting Online Resources and then Other Online Courses. If you would like to know more about bystander intervention and why the module is based on it, you can read more here.


Project Article

An account of the project was recently featured in the University’s new journal, IMPact. You can read the paper, ‘Building Respect and Changing Cultures in the University Community’: An Account of Research in Progress’, and other contributions to the journal here.


You might have seen us out around campus on Wednesdays talking to students about their wellbeing (have a look at #WellbeingWednesdays on our Twitter account for more information). This week we were joined by some of our partner organisations who came onto campus to talk to students about sexual misconduct and the support that is available both within the University and more widely across Lincolnshire. The Student Wellbeing Centre shared information about the online reporting option for sexual misconduct, as well as handing out information about the ‘Ask for Angela’ and #NotInMyDrink schemes which are available at a number of bars and clubs in the city centre.

We would like to thank CrimeStoppers, Spring Lodge and Victim Support for joining us, a number of our students learnt about the services they offer and took away some useful information with them.

You can see all of the pictures from the day on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


CrimeStoppers 21.2.18 Spring Lodge 21.2.18 Student Wellbeing 21.2.18 Victim Support 21.2.18


Last week the Student Wellbeing Centre took part in the county-wide campaign for #NoMore sexual violence and abuse in Lincolnshire, which was run in partnership with CrimeStoppers. During the week we were out on campus for four days, sharing information with students about consent and sexual misconduct and asking them to show their support for the campaign.

Over the week we shared 60 photographs of staff and students saying #NoMore to sexual violence and abuse. You can see all of the campaign week on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Although the campaign is finished, we will be continuing to share information from CrimeStoppers on our Twitter account, and you can also get information about consent and sexual misconduct at our Wellbeing Wednesday events throughout February. As part of the Wellbeing Wednesday programme, on the 21st February we will be joined by some of our partner organisations, who are coming onto campus to talk to students about how their services can support students who may experience sexual misconduct. Keep checking our social media to see where we will be each week!


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Project Advisory Board

Last week we had the second meeting of our Project Advisory Board, which was created to advise and make recommendations on the activities and outputs of the project. Last Wednesday this was attended by representatives from Lincolnshire County Council, the Students’ Union and a member of academic staff who researches in Gender-Based Violence, as well as the core Project Steering group.


#NoMore is a county-wide campaign which takes place in Lincolnshire twice a year, in September and February. The campaign exists to promote local services who support people who have experienced sexual violence and abuse, and aims to lead a culture change to prevent sexual violence from occurring. A number of organisations across Lincolnshire take part in the campaign, including Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police and various sexual violence and abuse support services. This time the campaign is also partnering with CrimeStoppers, who will be sharing information on how people can use their service to anonymously pass information to the Police. You can find out more about the #NoMore campaign here.

This February, the #NoMore campaign will be running from the Monday 5th to Friday 9th. Over the course of the week, the Student Wellbeing Centre will be out around campus with information about the campaign, and about support which is available at the University and from local services. We will also be asking staff and students to get involved in the campaign again, by sharing what they want to see #NoMore of around sexual misconduct. We will be taking photos on the stands throughout the week, and posting them on the Student Wellbeing Centre Facebook and Twitter pages. If you would like to come and take your own #NoMore photo or get some information on the support services available, the Student Wellbeing Centre’s stands will run from 10am-2pm each day as follows:

Monday 5th February: Minerva Courtyard

Tuesday 6th February: Outside the Library

Thursday 8th February: Minerva Atrium

Friday 9th February: Minerva Courtyard


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This week our consent campaign began, which will be running until the 22nd December. You may have seen us yesterday in the Sarah Swift building, handing out information on sexual consent and sexual misconduct and getting staff and students involved in our ‘Consent is…’ activity.


Consent is photo 30-11


If you would like to add your own comment, we will be in the following locations from 12pm-2pm each time:

7th December: Isaac Newton

12th December: Courtyard outside of Minerva

19th December: JBL

You can also follow the campaign on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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 Additionally, you can still take part in the Student Sexual Misconduct Survey, which is running until the 5th January 2018. To read more about the survey, click here.


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