Online reporting is now available for all students at the University of Lincoln to report any form of sexual misconduct. Below is some information explaining our online reporting system and how our students can access it.

Why online reporting?

Providing online reporting means there are more options available to someone who wants to report sexual misconduct to us. We recognise that when someone has experienced sexual misconduct it can be really difficult to tell someone face to face. Online reporting means that our students can take that first step by submitting the information online, with the Student Wellbeing Centre then contacting them to discuss it further. Online reporting also allows a report to be made to us outside of University services opening hours, with an immediate list of local support services being provided once the report is submitted. We hope that having the option of making an online report first will help our students feel more confident in coming forward and reporting sexual misconduct to us.

Even if someone decides not to access support after they submit their report, the information they share with us will mean that we can see what is happening on campus, and where we need to target our prevention work.

How will the online reporting work?

The online form will ask the student making the report for details about themselves, the incident and whether they have previously reported what happened to a specialist agency or someone at the University. We have kept the online reporting form as short as possible, whilst making sure that we have enough information to offer the right advice and support.

Once the report is submitted, it will go directly to the Student Wellbeing Centre. The student who has made the report will immediately receive a list of local support agencies, in case they need support before the Student Wellbeing Centre can contact them. A Wellbeing Advisor from the Student Wellbeing Centre will then make contact with the reporting student within one working day, inviting them to come to the Student Wellbeing Centre to explore their options and any support they may need. It is always the decision of the student what support they might like, and the Student Wellbeing Centre will never pass a student’s details on to the police without their consent. That said, if the student would like to make a full or anonymous report to the police, the Student Wellbeing Centre can support them with this.

You can access the online reporting through the Student Wellbeing Centre site.