Student Sexual Misconduct Survey

All students at the University of Lincoln will shortly be invited to take part in a survey about sexual misconduct on campus. Some information about the reason for and content of the survey is provided below. If you have any further questions about the survey, you should email Katy Brookfield at

Why is this survey being conducted?

The survey is being carried out by the Student Wellbeing Centre, who hope to use the findings to influence the work of their ‘Building Respect and Changing Cultures in the University Community’ project. By filling out this survey, students will be helping the Student Wellbeing Centre to understand where they need to target their prevention efforts, and how they can best support students who experience sexual misconduct to seek help and advice.

What will the survey ask?

The survey comprises of three parts, and begins by asking students about any incidents of sexual misconduct which they have witnessed on campus, or which other students at the University have disclosed to them. The second and third sections of the survey then ask students about incidents of sexual misconduct which they have personally experienced whilst they have been a student at the University.

We know that these questions may be difficult for some students, so we have ensured that there are regular pre-warnings about question content throughout the survey, with the ability to skip over sections which students do not feel comfortable answering. There is also contact information for the Student Wellbeing Centre and helplines for specialist organisations at various points throughout the survey, and students are encouraged to stop and seek support if they feel they need to.

Will the Student Wellbeing Centre be able to identify me?

All responses to the survey are anonymous, meaning that the Student Wellbeing Centre will not be able to identify any individual students from their responses. However, this does mean that the Student Wellbeing Centre will not be able to take action over any specific incidents which students share. If students would like to access support over a specific incident they should contact the Student Wellbeing Centre in person.

Call 01522 886400


Make an online report at

Online reporting pop-up stand

Between the 16th and the 26th October we held four pop-up stands at various points around campus, to share information with students about the option to report sexual misconduct online. If you would like to access the online reporting system you should visit

Online standOnline stand 2

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